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Time To Act

Time To Act
Time To Act is not a band. It is a project by and for the citizens of this world, concerned by issues that will affect our children’s lives if we fail to act now.

We address in no uncertain words issues that we should all be sickened by. Yet we feel they are deviously sneaking into the normality of our lives. And we won’t have it!

We come from various cultural, professional and political backgrounds, represent 3 generations and share a willingness to use our common passion for music as a way to express our concerns and fears.

Time To Act is in no way a political movement....

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Hello and welcome to my site.  My name is Ben Blackett and I have been making electronic music since the late 80's.  I was a studio engineer and live sound recording engineer in Seattle during the 90's Grunge era and have worked in both analog and digital recording environments since then producing my own music as well as others.


Below you can find links to some of my releases, with descriptions and links to more.  I am a true Reason fan and produce most of my music through it, but am familiar with many other DAW's as well. I enjoy working with other artists, both Remixing their songs and helping them to Produce a professional and unique sound that sets them apart.

Please use the Contact Form if you would like to get in touch!  Thank You!

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