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Our Ambassador Program

Learn what this means for:


Ever find yourself wanting to spend more time creating and crafting your art, instead of promoting and marketing your work?  Not really sure where or how to promote yourself?  Or already have a good fan base but want to take it to the next level?  Your Ambassador is there to help with ALL of that.  Their multifaceted job is to help you become a success, leverage your existing success for greater things, and to support you and grow your personal brand so you can focus on what you do best - your art! 

Business Meeting

you the Business

Your Brand is your business and your success is hugely dependent on it.  Larger organizations such as Labels, PR Agencies, Publishing Companies, Radio Stations, Graphic Design Groups, Support Organizations and many more can all benefit from having an Ambassador dedicated to promoting you, advocating for your business, supporting your Brand, your own clients, and your bottom line. 


you the Ambassador


If getting paid to help others succeed sounds like a good deal, then you are in luck.  Our program makes sure the helpers - that's you - get recognized and fairly compensated for your efforts.  For each Subscriber assigned to you, you will receive 30% of their Monthly Subscription fee.  

As their Ambassador, if you have:

100 clients subscribed at the Preferred level $16/month = 480$/month income for you

50 clients subscribed at the VIP level $32/month = 480$/month income for you

10 clients subscribed at the Executive level $64/month = 192$/month income for you

The more clients you bring in and represent, the more money you will make.  All you need to do is promote them and make sure they are receiving engagement and new opportunities to show their work over time.

In addition to the above income, if your client has NFT's for sale in our NFT Marketplace, you will receive 7.5% of every initial sale of theirs.  The more you help sell, the more income you will receive.  Depending on the price and quantities involved, this could range anywhere from a couple hundred in sales to several thousands.

If a client of yours does not have NFT's for sale, please help them create some.  Blackett Music and our Partners are ready to help them through the process of minting and selling their own through our Marketplace.  If they have existing NFT's already, we can easily import them from elsewhere and sell them through our Marketplace as well.

To receive payment from being an Ambassador, you must have a PayPal address on file with us, and in order to receive crypto payments, you must have a valid Wallet address on file with us.  Payments are made during the first week of each month for the prior months sales.  This is considered a at-will contract position and not an employee or staff position and can be terminated by either party without cause.

Members of this site can request certain individual Ambassadors to represent them.  Likewise, Ambassadors can request certain Members be assigned to them.  Only when both parties agree are the associations made within our system.  Changes to these associations can only be made once each month and only after payments from the previous month have been sent out.

To begin, simply Contact Us and let us know what you bring to the table.


  1. You must have a login to this site

  2. You must maintain a relatively up-to-date profile for yourself on this site

  3. You must provide us with a valid PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp address for receiving your monthly payouts

  4. You must provide us with a valid Wallet address for receiving crypto funds

Our Expectations:

  1. That you maintain communication with your clients (email, phone, DM, Telegram, Discord - its up to you)

  2. That you familiarize yourself with how our site functions and what it offers your clients (including NFTs)

  3. That you help bring new clients into the fold and/or make sure they are at the right subscription level to maximize their specific goals and benefits through us.

  4. That you are active & show support for your clients posts/content here, on social media, or elsewhere.

Your Benefits:

  1. Access to add your own work on our NFT Marketplace

  2. A complimentary "Essential" Subscription for yourself with a 50% discount if you want to upgrade

  3. Promoted as part of our Ambassador Team

  4. Personalized Blackett Music Business Cards for yourself ($35 for printing and delivery)

Join our Ambassador Telegram Group to meet the team and for ongoing group discussions

We look forward to working alongside you in achieving mutual success and growth for everyone involved.  Thank you for your interest in joining us as an Ambassador!

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