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Bad Haz Records promotes techno tracks to techno DJs worldwide through a growing mailing list (email).


Run by @hegstraction (Minimal Techno & Techno Producer) A promotion goes out every two weeks that includes a private SoundCloud download link (mp3), producer links & BIO. The downloads are used in techno DJ sets, mixes, podcasts & radio shows. Each track is then added to the growing playlist as it is promoted.


Once all the tracks have been promoted for the current year, they are played together in exclusive shows on various radio stations (current promotions are playing in a one hour Bad Haz Techno special on Quest London Radio Saturdays 8pm UK time).


Engagement through the mailing list is currently very high, far beyond industry standards, but we are constantly looking to expand & improve. If you are a techno DJ and would like to be added to the mailing list, or if you are a techno producer and would like to have your track promoted, please contact us on social media or email:


If you would like to listen to the promoted tracks, please check out the reposted tracks or play them all together through the playlist:

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