#BandcampFriday's have helped musicians earn real money for their craft, and we want to support you even more! Introducing #BlackettFriday for independent musicians!

What is it?

BlackettMusic.com will purchase music from artists through Bandcamp.com using funds donated directly by fellow artists, fans and supporters of independent musicians.

When is it?

The event runs on Twitter via @BlackettMusic on the First Friday of every Month - the same day as #BandcampFriday!  At Midnight PST a Drop Thread will be posted with instructions on how to participate.  On a First-Come-First-Served basis, and as long as funds remain, we will purchase a Song or EP ($5 or less) from any musician who shares a link to their Bandcamp page.

How do I contribute?

Use the form below to provide a donation.

Any Artist who donates and has a public profile on this site will be given recognition and free promotion leading up to the event. You can also donate on behalf of someone - just let us know who we should promote on your behalf (they must have a profile here first though)!


Please Contact Us after you donate so we know who to promote!

BlackettMusic.com will contribute $50 towards each event.

All additional funds are donated by you, the public.

Target Goal: $2000 per Year over 12 months



Artists below are manually added and may take a few days to appear. 
For best results, please contact us with the Artist you wish to be promoted.