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Your Benefits Include:

  • Create your personalized Profile Page

  • Autoplay YouTube video on load

  • Add Unlimited Songs

  • Add Unlimited Playlists

  • Receive Reviews on both your Artist page and on each individual Song page

  • Submit your songs to any open Playlist

  • Be connected with and displayed on each Playlist you are tagged in by curators

  • Free generic promotion from the @BlackettPromo twitter account.  Songs and Members are shared hourly and are randomly chosen based on their last updated dates

  • Be a part of the Community and participate in Group Discussions, Blog Posts, Contests, Events, and any other community oriented activities offered

  • Our system randomly picks and shares members and songs every hour of every day. The more content you have in our system for us to share, the more frequently your content will be selected!!

  • Only content from this website will be promoted

Your Limitations:

  • Playlists will Expire within 90 days from their last update, and will no longer be visible on this site when they expire.  You can re-enable them at any time by logging in and clicking EDIT/SAVE on each Playlist that has expired.  You will receive a daily email warning when they are 60 days old.

  • No ability to submit items to our Events & Releases Calendar

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