Lets Get The Word Out

Who We Are & What We Do

We are LGTWO we support and promote independent music. 

Our objective is to increase the artist reach, throughout the global music market.

Whether the artist is just starting or is a seasoned veteran we help the artist get that boost that will help them become more visible at a faster rate than one would become working alone. 

What makes us different from everyone else is that we are real humans. We have more than 20+ individuals on staff that actively post 7 days a week on social media. We do what we do to help the artist who may not have established connections or have the time to market and promote themselves. 

Everything we do benefits the artist that is need of promo. The problem with bot-generated promo is that it ends up doing the opposite of what it was intended to do. After a couple of months, they either disappear or it becomes impossible for the artist to gain any traction on the platform due to uneven stream to save ratios. This is relevant to all major streaming platforms.

Basically whenever an artist or that artist management purchases promo that is illegitimate it hurts that artist profile.


If an artist is to promote their music alone chances of gaining a sufficient amount of visibility or following in the time they desire might not be possible due to everyday limitations. 

We exist to help deliver a natural result in a market that is over-saturated with Bots that will ruin your chances of climbing up the algorithm chain. Sure you can go and purchase promo at all types of promo companies. If you like cheap the results you will get will be the same. 

We are extremely  proud that we have been able to establish a reliable system that delivers a "Natural" and most effective result. We stand alone in our belief system and stay true to this 365 days a year!

After a campaign is complete artists will more than likely experience a significant Confidence boost. It is why we encourage an Artist to engage with the tweets after the campaign is complete to build and establish new relationships among the community.

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