#Listen365 is a social media music sharing game based on a specific daily word prompt. It is very easy to participate, just share your music (or any relevant music) on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and include the #Listen365 hashtag and the daily prompt hashtag to increase discoverability and reach of your music. 



  1. You must match the daily word to the music being shared in some fashion. The prompts are typically used as thematic inspiration for the music, but can be matched however the artist wishes to associate the word. The prompt is delivered by a schedule daily post on Twitter via @BlackettPromo and also on the BlackettMusic.com homepage.

  2. You must include both the #Listen365 hashtag and the daily prompt hashtag in your posts.

  3. To keep searchability relevant, please do not spam this hashtag with all of your music!  The goal here is to be able to find your music based on these search terms, so please keep the noise factor to a minimum.

Members of BlackettMusic.com can submit their desired word prompts to the queue and can Vote on which words they like the most.  You can vote once every 5 minutes and the ones receiving the most votes will be chosen each day at midnight.  You can view the previous word prompts at the bottom of this page.

Todays Prompt is:


Must not contain Spaces or Special Characters

Click a Row to Vote for that word.  Vote once every 5 minutes!

Previous Word Prompts

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