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Listige is the name of an automated service that continuously scans Reddit & Twitter for music. The data is then used to automatically update various playlists with.

On Reddit numerous musical subreddits top posts are scanned each hour. These top posts are added to Spotify, YouTube, and YouTube Music playlists dedicated to the subreddit where the posts were made. 


Come visit Listige on Reddit for more info on the Reddit based playlists:

This year Listige found it's way to Twitter! Where liked tweets with Spotify track links are searched for every hour. If the music genre of these Spotify tracks links matches either pop, r&b, rock, hip-hop, or electro then the music is added to a Spotify playlist for that specific genre.

At Twitter, there's also the Spotify playlist #listige. That is updated with new music if you tweet according to the instructions in my pinned tweet at:

All Listige playlists updates and rotates automatically! This way a Listige playlist will never look the same and will always be entertaining to follow!

For more info please visit Listige website:

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