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Ben Blackett

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Love his music!!!
Every Tune tells a Story!!!
Love his site and what it does for Artists!!!
As a Person - Well what can we say? Top Notch!!!

Ben Blackett continues to sojourn to the musical soul of listeners by illuminating the path of the melodic electro renaissance. Ben’s latest release proves we are “Interconnected” by not only synth-fused harmonics, but by heartfelt sonic musical ‘Illumination’ lighting the trip.

This is an artist who could easily be scoring films. Ben Blackett takes us through a variety of moods in this collection, each as moving as the last and every single one telling it's own story. And when it's over it's like being at the theater, watching the credits at the end of a movie from which you just aren't ready to get up and walk away quite yet. Favorite track: Inner Space.

Blackett looks to continue making synth wave, but on his own terms, incorporating elements of pop and ambient, but what really shines is his ability to capture a moment via a song.

The whole album gave me an ethereal experience and I really like how you blend those glistening synth soundscapes with contrasting drum patterns to give it a serious groove. Be proud of this album!

An example of how good independent artists can be, top draw musical composition & production enabling a feeling of interconnection, from the amazing cover to the contents inside, this oozes quality

The album oozes synth wave and different styles - reminds me of traveling back to the 80's which in my opinion was the best music era. The mixture of effects throughout the whole album takes me to outer space.

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