Simon Scardanelli


In 1980 Simon Scardanelli recorded a bizarre and rather odd album for X Records in Germany. It featured, amongst its eclectic stylings, a couple of pioneering electro-pop tracks - in fact Simon had hired from Kraftwerk an early analogue sequencer that no-one in the studio understood, and it was sent back unused. Instead the just-released Roland CSQ600 sequencer was utilised.

The album was mostly ignored, but Simon has continued to create music throughout the ensuing years, having minor success with his rock-pop duo Big Bam Boo on MCA in the late 80s, and continuing to release on his own label Resonator Records. He has 8 solo albums as well as numerous EPs and singles to his name. and performs regularly.

During the early days of 2020 lockdown Simon decided to revisit & recreate one of the electro tracks from his 1981 album - which has led to the creation of an entire album of electro-pop, dance and trance music. The first single from this collection is “It Really Is A Pity” - release date 10th July 2020. The album will follow late summer.

An epic trance track - an alien voice tells us “It really is a pity” and that Aliens will now leave the planet earth, and leave humans to their fate, having failed to show us the error of our ways.

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