PhDancer's Teapot

PhDancer's Teapot

I'm a creative arts generalist who dabbles in arts journalism in the form of reviews and playlisting. I am mostly interested in the rock and punk genres, but also sometimes enjoy and promote folk, folk pop/rock and pop more generally. Most of my playlists are themed around a rock sound coupled with certain features of the bands, such as bands that are duos, bands local to my hometowns (yeah I'm an expat), bands with LGBTQI+ members, female-fronted heavy music, and a few others. I am half of rock duo Feathers, Wood 'N' String, and am always looking for other bands with a similar sound. If you're an indie band playing rock that you feel fits the sound of my current playlists, and you have new music, you can also email me to submit for review on From The Spout. I don't playlist or review everything I'm sent - it needs to fit the sound I'm looking for, but I never write bad reviews and I always promote the music I choose for free and enthusiastically. I might even become your biggest fan.



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