Tony Aye!

Tony Aye!

Tony Aye! is an award nominated singer/songwriter from Baltimore,MD. Born in Camp Springs,MD and raised in Albuquerque,NM, Tony grew up in diverse communities and exposed to a variety of musical styles and cultures; Tony has created an eclectic sound which includes using urban, soul and rock influences to create unique sounds. This exposure greatly influenced his own rich lyrically driven music. He began his music career as a gospel artist where he saw much success with three award nominated albums along with successful songs like Champion,Fairy Tale,The Mountain and IMpossible has garnered him crossover appeal and critical acclaim. Looking to be more true to himself and his music, Tony stepped away from gospel music to focus on creating music more reflective of not only his culture as a black man but also as a open and proud gay man. Tony is preparing to release his debut pop album entitled "Call Me Tony" representing his new beginning. Tony hopes his self proclaimed "Gay Boy Swag" and "Black Boy Swag" helps others embrace all of themselves.



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