Scott Hopkins


Although Scott Hopkins has been hailed as a guitar virtuoso by most of the media, it is also his emotional lead vocal delivery and diverse songwriting style that separates him from his peers. His album “DEMO-LITION DEMOS AND LIVE TRACKS LP EDITION” captures the full raw artistic scope of what makes Hopkins such a unique artist. Presenting the best combo of singer-songwriter lyrics, ripping guitar solos, and accessible rock and blues induced tunes, this album continues Scott Hopkins’ prolific rise. His do-it-yourself production style serves an unfettered vision of passion and vulnerability. When Scott Hopkins picks up his guitar, acoustic or electric – it literally speaks through him. Those familiar with Hopkin’s work, will know how it effortlessly showcases a level of pure and honest musicianship very few indeed ever get to. He embodies the kind of player that’s unequivocally in tune with their instrument, and able to improvise using purely the mind’s eye.

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