Have a Cigar


Marc is a composer, musician, studio engineer, mastering engineer. He started classical music education at the age of 9. As a keyboard player he played in various pop-rock bands but he was more interested in music production and creative composing. He came into contact with studio, recording, mastering and specialised in this. Working with film-and jazz composers, rock-and pop bands in the studio, yes, its his thing. Eventually he finds the time to compose and releases his first full album "Infinite". Inspiration comes from generations of music such as Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, from which the interest in working with synthesizers. The period of symphonic rock, which includes guitar, bass and drum work in his album. And not to forget filmscore. These three elements provide a lot of variety in the album "Infinite". Music in the broad sense of the word. Marc is now a multi-instrumentalist and plays everything himself. Singing is unfortunately not possible but you cannot have everything in life. Now Marc teaches young producers and sound designers. Where does the name "Have a cigar" come from? Older people will understand when you listen to the music.

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