Real Wilkinson

Real Wilkinson

Ben WIlkinson
Indie Trance Music Producer

Born May 1982 in the Synth and Electronic era
Early music influences ensured Ben became enthused in Electronic music sounds. Ben was into bands such a Queen, Pink Floyd, and Michael Jackson, Evanesence. Ben then moved onto more Electronic music and discovered Sash! A guilty pleasure. However Ben fell in love with Trance Music when he learned the artist behind some of the greatest Trance tracks Ferry Corsten.

Ben started producing music in his late twenties as a hobby. Ben's music started when he learned the piano in his mid teens. So his music is not technical sounding. More so the musical journey in Ben's productions are more musically based. His first release is with Jill Winter. They formed a collab with the track "Unregistered Feelings EP." Ben was approached by Leifendeth to Remix Narrow Escapism which Wilkinson did under his alias Real Wilkinson. Ben then went on to release Hardest Yard which includes the bYNUM remix.
Bens story is to continue.



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