Carnival Kid


The 11th of November, eleven minutes past 11 o’clock in the morning, sees the beginning of carnival season in Germany. Many people, including myself, don’t really care about this. But the 11th of November 2009, at 9 past 11 A.M., my son saw the light of day. Children born on this day are called “Faschingskinder” in Germany - carnival kids. And since this event changed basically every aspect of my life, including my perception, writing and interpretation of music, I felt it to be a pretty perfect name for a solo project. Carnival also includes the idea of hiding behind a mask, which I am kind of doing in a linguistic sense when I am writing and singing in English (or when I’m writing this pseudo-international text). The kid-part of the name might give a hint to all the struggles you go through in your thirties, but I guess I better leave that to interpretation. And

if this description made you laugh your ass off since it’s so cheesy, then that’s also some kind of carnival I suppose... Just like some of my writing, the influences for my music have a lot do with my childhood. My father had the wonderful ability to talk about his music idols (Eric Clapton, Gary Moore, Eric Burden, Neil Young) in a very energetic and engaging way. So naturally I got interested in and later fascinated by Rock music. But it was not until I discovered Oasis that I got completely obsessed with it. From that day on (must have been when I was around 14) I have been making music in bands or by myself – which makes it more than 2 decades by now. In 2006, when I was at the university of Jena, I started the band „Jovernanté“ with some of my fellow students and we played lots of gigs and recorded music. But in 2009 we all split ways, became parents or went abroad. It was not until 2018 that we got together for longer period of time to record songs and play gigs. That was about when I decided that I wanted to invest more time into music and start a solo project.
2019, I released my first 6 track EP “All The Easy Places”, which deals with the struggle to come to terms with my role as a working adult/father/responsible person/husband while still being an artist.

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