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Niz Wiz

America's Fate is American Made
In early 2019 I had a sudden  inspiration to create a conceptual body of work.
As a person ( citizen Niz ) , I began to sense some kind of disconnect with common sense and outdated and/or hijacked cultural values. I supposed some of it could be attributed to feeling …”well the world is passing me by” , like my father would say. But i had  this insistent nagging feeling that it was much more  than that. Partisanship stances spreading world wide . The gap between rich and poor at unhealthy levels. The bizarre rules of what money and “ownership’ really means .The disconnect / new connect that IS social media . The way many people carry old beliefs and impotent faith as one would have a phantom limb syndrome.   A-I infiltrating and defining our very identity, distilling our emotions and values to ikons. I remember pontificating these thoughts in my basement studio - looking up and saying “Hey !  Am I the only one feeling this ?” This change , this under-toe of a tide sweeping us all potentially under water. Not knowing when we can come up for air. 
  Thomas Mann’s Hans Castorp character  in the 1924 novel The  Magic Mountain  reflects on the  ability and necessity for a person to take on and try on many opposing points of view to keep a healthy perspective and  get a taste for certain themes. To see if you like them and if they’re worthy enough to  suit you.  All the while allowing respect for individuals who choose 'this or that' point of view.  Understating the difference between a person and their current view. 
        So on that early spring day in 2019 - I covered my studio door with a canvas. And with markers and rulers scribed 17 song titles that immediately entered my mind. The first was “America Fly”  . I then set about recording the music for song one Side A  . I would adopt a vocal ‘ character’ to inhabit and tell the story of the song . I recorded this directly to the track. over and over. until i had the right character. cadence. words and personality . All stream of consciousness singing on every track . The Niz Wiz double album  is an expression of feelings and fears around certain themes - primarily America, Money, God, A-I and a little bit Canada. Entirely written and recorded by myself and  in consecutive order.  Rave ( Dave Ogilvie ) mixed and Greg Calbi mastered. I wanted it to be vinyl only so the listener hears it as I  intended. like the good ole days. But times are changing quickly .  El Mocambo Entertainment has printed a limited numbered high end copies.  While "America Fly" is circulating, the album was meant to be listened to in sequence on vinyl. The sides are available to stream in their entirety for subscribers to my website. From time to time there may be other full side pop-ups on social media. Email me for discount codes and exchange of information.



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