Sherry Finzer


Musician, producer, composer, recording artist, owner of Heart Dance Records and Higher Level Media.

Sherry Finzer believes that music can heal. Her musical journey has taken her from classical to jazz, pop, world, and flamenco, to today, where she feels her music does the best work by helping to calm, soothe and heal through her New Age music. Fueled by stories shared by listeners and fans, as well as her own personal experiences, she records, performs, composes, and runs Heart Dance Records – a label consisting of artists with a focus on healing music. Sherry specializes in the low flutes - alto, bass, and contrabass.

Sherry's music can be heard on SXM Spa Channel (68), Pandora, Spotify, Music Choice Soundscapes, Galaxie Spa Channel, Calm Radio, River of Calm, Journeyscapes, international radio programming, multiple airlines and overhead music channels.

She has recorded over 17 New Age & Contemporary Instrumental CD's.

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