K Merchant


My name is K Merchant, I'm from the UK , I help specialise in helping support unsigned and independent communities across the globe get heard on our radio platform Gadget G Radio. I also write, produce and perform my own music too, as well as write and perform spoken word poetry :) and have had a numerous amount of poetries published with Spillwords publishing community which is based in New York. I've also self trained in Graphic Design and computer animations and looking to teach others my new found skills. I love great worldly music, painting, sketching and supporting each artist I come across, because we are all in this together - trying to reach a larger audience. I've just released a new album on SoundCloud called Heart Strings'

Heart Strings is all about being true to your inner self, listening to that inner voice and intuition telling us of who to trust and who to not trust. Our inner voice is powerful to gently drive us away from anything that just doesn't resonate with our true hearts state. "They tried playing on my heart strings but mine play a different tune!" We are logically heart full wise and don't let anyone take us for a mug.

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