Born in Hot Springs, AR Petrella has been writing and performing Country Music for over 30 years. She is probably the least known yet the most accomplished Black Female Country Singer/Songwriter ever. In 1993 she was featured on the Cover of Cashbox Magazine (at the time Cashbox and Billboard where the 2 biggest music trade magazines). Her single “I Found Somebody” rose to number 53 on the Top 100 Country Singles. Four other singles “Blues Stay Away from Me”, “This Isn’t Goodbye”, “Remedy” and “Go For It” all found there way on Country Music Charts. In 2008, her single “I Want to Know you Forever” from her 100 Proof Woman CD reached Number 14 on Billboards Hot Single Sales. Now in 2020 her single “Beebop Hoedown” has over 160,000 streams on Spotify. Based on her success plus her longevity, Petrella has been honored by The HistoryMakers out of Chicago, IL and her 4 hour video interview is archived in the US Library of Congress and she will be recognized virtually during the HistoryMakers 20 year anniversary celebration in November. Also, The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum has invited her to do an oral interview with their chief historian.

A detailed accounting of her life is contained in the following link

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