Frankie&RikiAbi is a long distance duo for DIY Electronic Music, with Lofi, House, Synthwave, Psytrance influences.
Frankie lives and works in Rome and RikiAbi lives and works in Istanbul.
We send eachother audio files on which we jam, add, subtract and re-elaborate.
Each time we hear a re-elaborated file, it is always a surprise. Then all gets assembled in one unique song.

Our influences are Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Rockets, and also more recent subgenres of EDM like psytrance. house, trance.
Anyway, Frankie&RikiABi in their past have been successfully engaged in local rock bands, touring and playing live.

Recognizable melodies and simple harmonic structure characterize our compositions, while a well driven rhythm gives energy and mood - all is aimed to create a particular and unique atmospheare to every song even considering sound imperfections and analogic harmonic distortions.

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