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Don Johns Music

Don Johns has been playing music since he was a little boy. It didn’t take him long to break the set of toy drums he got one Christmas morning. Growing up in Jacksonville, Florida, his next door neighbor had a piano and his mom was very good at playing it. “I can remember asking her to play for me and I was mesmerized!” My neighbor taught me a song and I would play it over and over. As I memorized it, I started doing different patterns with it, different tempos, this was the beginning of me trying to create my own sound.”
In 7th grade Don took drums and it was there he learned how to read rhythms notation. “I had a great teacher who drilled us in keeping good time, that stuck with me and allowed me to pick up other instruments, first piano, then guitar. Having that “locked in” skill of keeping time, it really helped me as I started recording.”
When Don was 14, he had a job as janitor at a church. “I would get my work done as fast as I could so I could spend the rest of my time playing the piano until I would get picked up. (Before I had my first motorcycle) It was there I developed a love for the piano that has stayed with me ever since. As much as I love my keyboards, there is nothing like a real baby grand!”

After many years in Nashville, Tennessee writing and performing and recording, Don has never looked back. He continues to write as often as time will allow. From personal songs, production tracks, movie scores and instrumental music, Don has done just about every genre. “There really isn’t a favorite, I just love music, whatever the genre, whatever the taste, but it has to be from the heart.”
Don writes from the heart and from feelings that we all have inside, but few are willing to explore. “That’s what music is to me, an expression of one’s soul. It is a privilege to have someone listen to your music and I will never forget that."

At the time of this writing Don has 12 releases and is working on 13th, Do You Know My Friend. This next release will feature the very first song he ever wrote, the title track Do You Know My Friend. Look for it in late 2020 or early 2021.



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