Atlanta Simplicity

It's is all about the music

Atlanta Simplicity
Atlanta Simplicity
Atlanta Simplicity

Comprehensive Public Relations or individualized services for DIY PR & Music/Lyric Video Production

Atlanta Simplicity has supported over 200 indie musicians with FREE feature pages over the years. We offer PR services as well as full Music Video Production services, Contextual Music Video Production, Lyric Video Production, Merchandising, and submission to MMBtheblog TV.


Atlanta Simplicity was started to try to help equalize the disparity between artists who make great music but don't have the money or expertise to promote themselves. I have learned a lot over the last 7 years and have tried getting around having to pay in a variety of ways. The problem is, prices keep going up. I provide products for self-promotion very affordably but I can no longer work for free, there are too many requests and too many expenses.


We make Music Video:

Go here for pricing -


I do not charge for Promotional Pages but I do charge for Music Videos and Videograghic projects and Promoting Music Links, although I do spontaneously choose to add random links I like to the automated queue.


$10.00 Reviews 20.00 Album Reviews.


I love Independent Music and the musicians who write those wonderful, original tunes.

Contact me for Artist, Song, and Video Reviews.

It's STILL all about the music


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