Carbon Footprint Music Productions


Carbon Footprint Music Productions
Carbon Footprint Music Productions
Carbon Footprint Music Productions

We are a Carbon Footprint Record Label. Digital Download Only.

We are a Carbon Footprint Music Productions - A Record Label with a difference.


Our aim is to contribute to making the planet a Greener place and contribute to making Climate Change better, by eliminating Plastic and PVC that is used to make Music CD’s & Vinyl Records for all of our Tracks that are released under this Label.


Through Digital Platforms ONLY!!!


We are also a Support Network to Independant Unsigned Artists, by means of Curating Playlists and Monthly Billboards, giving the un-noticed Artists a way to get noticed. This is so important to us, as talent at the bottom of Music goes un-noticed for far too long in our opinion!


Our December 2020 Billboard 100 Top 10


  1. Sea Salt by Sophie Dorsten, Alex Dorsten
  2. Sweet Lies by Shimmer Johnson
  3. Run Away With Me by Scarlette Fever
  4. It Ain't You ( E ) by Sinikka Monte
  5. Miss You by HeLives
  6. Fly by Roveena
  7. Merry X-mas Everybody by Hardland
  8. Solitary Soldier by BaYaT
  9. #MFC! ( E ) by Doctor Zee
  10. See Emily Play by Seventh Son




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