Example Partner Page

Leading by Example

Example Partner Page
Example Partner Page
Example Partner Page

This is an Example of what is possible through these Partner Pages

This Example Partner page allows you to see all that you can do when you sign up to be a Partner.


First, notice the header area:


  1. Your Logo is prominately displayed.
  2. Links to your Socials, your Website, and optional Contact/Review buttons are right there at the top for visitors to use.
  3. A short tagline to describe in just a few words what you do lets visitors know what to expect when they continue to read further down the page.
  4. Notice the URL of the page itself is customized to your name - you have full control over this!


Second, examine the main content area:


  1. The top area gives a Short Description of you, which is also used for SEO purposes and when sharing on Social Media.
  2. The main body area is fully customizable with standard Rich Text controls.
  3. The final bottom area is where you can provide a Call To Action for people.


Next is the space reserved for Customer Reviews. You have full control over these and can hide/show only the ones you wish. Use this space to highlight what people think of your services.


Finally, you can connect your page to Artists and Playlists throughout this site and show by example who and what you have done for them. Each artist or playlist you connect to your Partner page can have a brief description added as well to really let new visitors know what you offer your clients.


When you create your Partner Profile page, you will be asked to select which types of services you provide your customers. These range from Promotion, Radio, DJ, Blogging Graphics, Session Musicians, and many more. This is your opportunity to distinguish yourself from all the others and get in front of legitimate customers looking specifically for your services.


And the final cherry on top? Every Partner Page automatically gets promoted and advertised on social media through our existing channels. This comes as part of the package! We use the content from your Partner Page to build the promotional material, using your wording, your logo and your links.


This is a fantastic opportunity to help you grow and build your client list.

Finish with a call to action or to celebrate a new win!



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