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KLM Productions
KLM Productions

Sparkly Spookay, a multi music artist and Music industry creative content provider.

Hello! I'm that most talked about artist, Sparkly Spookay . I have partnered up with Blackett Music because I have got a lot more to give back to the music community. I believe in paying it forward to support many more independent talented people like myself get the acknowledgement we truly deserve.


That is why I put together KLM Productions, a creative store for artists like you and me in need of logo design, video production, music promo, music advice ebooks, album/EP music distribution platform approved cover art, extra help and support with your social media marketing strategy and much more.


Currently at KLM Productions we are working towards a goal of £1000 to enable us to build a massive Music TV Channel and Virtual Magazine to showcase all independent talent worldwide. All £3/$3 coffee donations, £10 membership sign ups, design and video production proceeds will all go towards our Indie MTV Fund (Sparkly Spook's MTV project) Every bit helps. We are at £194 so far and we do believe together we can reach more and make this idea become a reality for us all.


Book KLM Productions today for your next project! And help get this show on the road 😉✌️


Book KLM Productions today for your next project!


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