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Music Reviews uploaded every day! Submit your tracks to me at any of my links, or right here. I offer my honest feelings, and nothing but that. I want to make the both of us better by giving you the exact information you need to take your career to the next level!


I offer various types of reviews, as listed here:


- Regular Review (2-3 paragraphs) - FREE! Cutting out the more nuanced details allows the review to be short and sweet!


- Longhand Review/Analysis (5-6 Paragraphs) - $5! Here, I go piece by piece on specific sections that are strong or weak - and what I would specifically do to upgrade your track down to the VST I'd use, frequency band I would adjust, or Mic'ing that I would change in the recording, etc. - just as if I was your producer.


- Album Review (1-3 Paragraphs per track) - $15 every 8 tracks! Slightly more abbreviated than the Longhand Review, these reviews will still give you all the insights you need to grow into your career. While I won't give every minute detail about improvements I would make to each song - I do provide my critique/praise of the structure of the album here - If I would rearrange song order, if I would make a longer break between songs or changing the transition, anything that has to do with the overall album will be addressed here!


- Video Review/Reaction (about 5-10 minutes) - $10! More or less, the same as the Longhand Review except, you guessed it - this is a video review! Who doesn't like video reviews?! Along with this, I'll record my reaction as I listen to your song - giving you feedback in the heat of the moment when the emotions are fresh and I'll base my review in part with this. SOON TO BE AVAILABLE


- Video Album Review/Reaction (20-30+ minutes) - $25 every 8 tracks! My Album Review option in video form, with the addition to reactions to each and every song on the album! (Reaction may be shorter than single songs to keep video length)


(I also review and critique Album/Single art!)

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