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2021 Suggestion Box

2021 is almost here and it's time to think what the new year might bring for http://blackettmusic.com

What are some cool new features you would like to see on my site?

Suggest some ideas below in the comments! No idea is too outlandish! =)

Important Themes for 2021: #Community #ArtistsSupportingArtists #Engagement #Inclusivity #Radio #Art

Here are some ideas that I'd personally like to put some effort into for 2021. Please let me know in the comments what you think about them!

  1. Expand Business Pages with video and art galleries

  2. Embed music players into the Song pages (YT, SC, Spotify)

  3. Add the ability to upload and showcase Artwork to your profiles

  4. List Radio stations and Blogs you have been on

  5. Sell BlackettMusic Merchandise

  6. Create a mechanism for you to list or link to your own Merch sites

  7. Create/Expand Voting system for a Weekly Friday Follow post

  8. Create/Expand Voting system for a Community Built Playlists section

  9. Create/Expand Voting system for Best Curators

  10. Create a page for advertising your Live Events and generate automatic email reminders and twitter posts for people who are interested in attending them

Lots of ideas and I'm sure a lot more will be had as well! =)

Considering the amount of work I've already committed to here, I'd like to take this opportunity to ask you all to please purchase a Subscription to the site. Even the $3/month level helps to offset the massive amount of time and money I am personally investing into building and hosting these tools for you all. Every little bit helps to keep this going!

Thank you!!

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