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Ben Blackett - "Quiet Stillness"

Back in the late 80's when the landscape of music was changing into the Grunge era

and The #Synth sound was on the rise, A new star began his journey into the realm of

sound design and music production. Receiving his first midi piano from his parents

as a bribe to continue playing piano Ben Blackett continued his quest for musical


Influenced by the sounds of U2 ,Pink Floyd, and Tangerine Dream he developed a

sound of his own and pursued a dream. Studying Audio Engineering and Graphic Design

He is now a 30 year veteran in the game. His accolades are well deserved and his knowledge

is obvious and apparent just by listening to his musicality and creations.

Right now I am listening to the spectacular track "Quiet Stillness"

Jumping right into the #ambient synth progressiveness I can tell you it is one

song not to be missed. I love all of the textures enveloping you into the realm

he creates. You can almost feel the music as it draws you in closer to hear the

changes as it unfolds. It relaxes as it excites all of the synapses in your brain and

evokes an overall feeling of Hope, Mystery and the evolution of Sound design.

A shining star in the Music world and an amazing friend to all that cross his path.

Be sure to like, Subscribe and stay tuned in for all of his genius creations.

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Ben Blackett
Ben Blackett
05 בספט׳ 2021

Absolutely love your review Mike!! Thank you!!


Brecon Indie Reviews
Brecon Indie Reviews
08 באפר׳ 2021

The dude makes the best Music, knows Music and Reviews so well!


Can't go to 3 different channels without seeing retweets raving about 3MindBlight and the great songs he's recently released! Must check it out!


Great track and great review! Awesome!


cilay ensemble
cilay ensemble
15 בינו׳ 2021

Great review...!👍👍🤘🎶🌟

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