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"Don't Leave" by Flashpoint Run

Flashpoint Run’s “Don’t Leave” marries 20th-century rock and 21st-century EDM-pop in a parlance suitable for live performances and dance floors. The song owes markedly to pop with its assumption of electronics, but it also incorporates a spirited guitar solo and driving drums injecting a gritty rock edge. With lush chordal progressions, particularly in the chorus, “Don’t Leave” contains catchy and ambitious songwriting that is both poetic and piercing.

Flashpoint Run formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2017. The band consists of lead singer Danny Rossi, guitarist Brian Bastos, guitarist/keyboardist Seth McClaine, bassist Brice Taylor, and drummer Jared Humphrey.

Similar to The Cure, Bastille, Simple Creatures

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Unknown member
Nov 14, 2020

Awesome review!!

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