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Mobile App!

Did you know there are now 3 different ways you can interact with BlackettMusic.com? There is the full desktop browser Website, the Mobile Friendly Website and now introducing… directly through the Wix Mobile App. The Mobile App offers a user friendly Community experience for things like Group Discussions, Forums posts and interacting with the Blog posts. Unfortunately there is no way (yet) for me to show the Artist Profiles, Songs or Playlists via the mobile app. So for now, the mobile app will remain strictly for Community oriented activities and discussions. But in that… it absolutely excels! Posts you make via the app instantly show up on the site, and anything done via the site instantly show up on the app.

Give it a try and see for yourself how it works. The Wix app is actively supported, has over 5 million downloads, and is used by more than 160 thousand users worldwide. Click the link to join Blackett Music on the Wix App!


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