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$60/Flat Fee

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Your Benefits Include:

  • A Brand New Playlist curated just for you and featuring your songs.

  • Themed around a handful of your seed songs, and consisting of between 60 to 120 total songs, this can help boost your similar artist associations, create better recommendation opportunities for your music, and generate higher algorithm plays.

  • We will create generic cover art for this playlist which you have final approval over, and brand it as an Official Blackett Music Playlist.  For custom artwork, please see our Partners for additional opportunities.

  • The playlist is given Premium Promotion for 3 months to give it a good boost, then it is moved to our generic playlist rotation after that.  Additional premium promotion may be purchased via our Playlist Promotion plan after the 3 months have concluded. 

  • We will keep the playlist Open for Submissions when appropriate, and process & rotate any new song submissions for life of the playlist