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Your Benefits Include:

  • A Discussion Group to call your own. Ideal uses include:

    • Streaming Groups - easily track participants in the group with activity polls and/or ask them to upload screen captures

    • Specialty Topics - for groups of people who want an easy place to talk shop, swap stories, and share experiences.  Example: Audio Engineering Tips & Tricks

    • Labels - A private dedicated spot for your artists to meet and discuss label business

    • Fan Support Groups - Have an artist or band you want to support?  Create a group and invite people to join, letting them know all about your favorite musicians!

  • Privacy can be set to:

    • Secret - the group is not visible to anyone except those you specifically invite​

    • Private - the group is visible to the public but posts are not and you control who has access to join

    • Public - the group and all posts within are visible to anyone.  Anyone can join.

  • You set the header image (pending our approval) and you set the rules for participating in your Discussion Group.  Enforcement (i.e. moderation) is up to you and is not included.  Although groups are monitored for illegal activity, the rest is up to you.

  • All participants have the ability to upload images and videos, run polls, use emojis, and add custom topics to posts for easy searching/referencing