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Your Benefits Include:

  • We create social media "Member Highlight" threads tailored just for you, showcasing many of your Songs, any Playlists you are on or manage, any Reviews you have received, your Bio and any new or upcoming releases.

  • We put your content in regular and constant rotation​ with dedicated high demand timeslots for members of this subscription.

  • Your content is tailored to fit and promoted across all 3 major Social Media platforms: FacebookInstagram and Twitter

  • We include you in our Daily Spotlight rotations.  Each day a randomly selected artist from various paid subscriptions is given a Shout Out (including up to 10 Songs) on social media and are given a premium spot at the top of our Homepage for that day.

  • Privileged access to our Events & Releases Calendar.  Have an upcoming Livestream, Concert, New Release, Interview, or Show?  You have first dibs to our Calendar and we will help promote your upcoming events via social media posts.

  • We will tailor and share your content to each social media platform (currently in development)

  • When you sign up, you are automatically added to the Premium Promotion rotation schedule - no need to do anything else other than make sure your content is ready to go!  Member Highlight threads are shared daily during peak engagement times and generally consist of the following:​

    • Your Artist Profile Picture

    • Your Bio​

    • The YouTube video (if you have one listed)

    • Up to 5 recent Reviews you have received

    • Up to 7 Songs of yours (randomly picked)

    • Up to 7 Playlists you are included in

    • Up to 7 Playlists you own and manage

  • Our system will create and share your Member Highlight thread to one of the 3 major social media platforms within a rolling 4 day window - ensuring maximum exposure for you and your music several times a month.