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Your Benefits start with our Premium Promotion plan - Valued at $10/month:

  • We create social media "Member Highlight" threads tailored just for you & sharing your content each time - showcasing Playlists you are on or manage, any Reviews you have received, your Bio and any new or upcoming releases you may have.

  • We put your content in regular and constant rotation​ with dedicated high demand timeslots for members of this subscription.

  • We include you in our Daily Spotlight rotations.  Each day a randomly selected artist from all the various paid subscriptions is given a Shout Out on social media and are given a premium spot at the top of our Homepage for the day.

  • Privileged access to our Events & Releases Calendar.  Have an upcoming Livestream, Concert, New Release, Interview, or Show?  You have first dibs to our Calendar and we will help promote your upcoming events via social media posts.

  • We will tailor and share your content to each social media platform (currently in development)



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Sound Speakers

Providing listeners and artists a way to share & promote their YouTube and Spotify music in one seamless and enjoyable experience.  FREE & LEGAL music streaming site with millions of songs & zero ads! No login required - just enjoy the music!

Subscription Benefit:

You are placed on the Featured Artist section for as long as you remain on this plan! 

Valued at up to $20/month
Music links to every platform
Increase streams with beautiful landing pages
made instantly - no login, no limits, free!

Songwhip finds your song on all the major music platforms and creates a single link that you can share with your audience. When fans land on your Songwhip page they can jump straight into their favorite app, so you get more people streaming your music. Everybody wins!

Subscription Benefit:

A full 20% off Songwhip Pro!  Add your socials, custom artwork, edit your bio, modify any link, get analytics, grow subscribers.

Valued at $6/month


Creating Video and Media to help you bring your Brand to life!  Interviews, music videos, documentaries, infomercials, television and radio ads, etc. Let us help make your vision a reality!

Subscription Benefit:

50% off All Video Production Services

Valued at over $150!

WeareLegion Live! uses social media to connect artist and their fans with other artist.  Your host Bill Metz spotlights and promotes bands, producers, bloggers, and curators via live or recorded interviews, blog posts and podcasts!  

Subscription Benefit:

An Interview and Blog post for your band

Valued at $$$

DJ on the Set

Subscription Benefit:

You are placed on the Featured Artist section for as long as you remain on this plan! 

Valued at $5/month