How it all works

This site is open to everyone free of charge


You all start with the basic ability to Submit Songs and Submit Playlists and to interact with both of those things here on this website and on social media.  Both Playlists and Songs will expire after 60 days of submission unless updates are made to them.  Any updates made will reset the clock and extend them another 60 days.  Once they expire, your song or playlist will no longer be listed on this site.   

This site uses three key pieces of data:

  1. Curators

  2. Playlists

  3. Songs

Multiple Curators make multiple Playlists which have multiple Songs in them.  The goal of this website is to strengthen the connections between all three of those by using Social Media handles to tie them all together. It starts by encouraging Curators to enter in and maintain a list of all the social media handles from Artists within their playlists.  Then Artists are encouraged to submit songs to these Curators, including their own social media handles in the process.  From there it becomes a web of interconnected discovery and support for Fans to learn about Artists they may like via Playlists.  Artists can gain Followers and Streams by promoting not only their own music, but by promoting the Playlists they are on as well, or even other Artists on the same Playlist as them!

What you get at each level

Basic Plan

For $5/Month the 60 day expiration date on your content is waived.  This means that your content can be shared on Social Media safely without it going away in 60 days.  Every song & playlist you submit will remain in our system and can be shared individually or all together on your Profile Page.  In addition, any playlist you are on which lists your Social Media handles, will also link to your Artist Page here. You are encouraged to share these pages and show off your catalog of Songs and Playlists you are on!


Includes all the benefits listed in the Basic Plan.  At this level, we will share your content on social media up to 4 times a month, tagging you and any artists on your playlists each time. 

Business Subscription

Includes all of the benefits listed in the Basic & Professional Subscriptions.  At the Business level, we will curate a new playlist on your behalf once every quarter based on seed songs of your choosing, and then regularly promote them on social media.