Weiss Gerauschen Music

Dark Ambient, Ambient, Electronic

"Dream during the day, Feed desires at night
Everything's the same, nothing feels alright
Disturbed thoughts in my mind they seethe
See within, look what's underneath"

"Start your descent into the unknown
The horrors you meet are the horrors you make
The land of dreams and nightmares are the same
Eat The Elder Things to keep your mind tame"

Soundtrack for the upcoming Chapter 1 of the cyber-lovecraftian mystery visual novel series: OBERON'S DREAMLAND CHRONICLES.

The year is 2199 and the Dreamland is a place where everything's possible: the greatest desires and the most horrible of nightmares. Everyone wants to be in it and nobody wants to leave.

Dive into this auditory instrumental debut piece from Weiss Gerauschen Musik as you explore the depths of the Dreamland, a new hyperspace based quantum network made possible by harnessing dark energy in the year 2199. A network that makes ultra high bandwidth faster than light communication possible and so much more... oh so much more.

For fans of cyberpunk, cosmic horror, and lovecraftian themes

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Underneath Full Album

Underneath Full Album

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