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Chebeen Teriya meets Sub Conscious Dub - Jeune Africain



Dubophonic Records


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Chebeen Teriya meets Sub Conscious Dub - Jeune Africain

Reggae, African Reggae, Dub

Chebeen Teriya is a unique 5 piece band lead by singer/multi-instrumentalist Dramane Bakwan, who brings original music from his homeland of Burkina Faso. From a young age, Dramane participated in the sacred musical traditions of the Gourounsi people of Burkina Faso (West Africa). His insatiable appetite for music drove him to study the myriad of rhythms and melodies of ethnic groups throughout the region. A love of country and continent has inspired him to write over one hundred original songs with lyrics in five languages. His work explores social, environmental, and political themes with the aim of inspiring people to take care of one another and the planet they share.

Sub Conscious Dub is the project of Antreas Kassos, representing the new breed of dub producers coming from Cyprus. His talent was already recognised very early, participating in various local festivals and online events (Unity Vibes, Reggae Sunjam, Lockdowndub Weekender) and being featured in the Explorations In Dub Vol. II compilation. His dub mix of Dubmatix tune Jump And Twist has received some crazy airplay and the artist was endorsed by Dubmatix himself, including him in his Bassment Sessions radio show.

Blending West African sounds with roots reggae, “Ajabro” (which means in the African tradition “Sorcerer”, “Witch Doctor” or “The one that evil can’t hide from”) is the result of the collaborative work of those exiting new artists. The EP is the first collaboration between Cyprus and Burkina Faso. It contains “Jeune Africain” & “Terrorist”, two vocal tracks with a big social message, composed by Dramane Bakwan and written in French and in Dioula languages, as well as two heavy dubs/versions by Sub Conscious Dub. The tracks were originally recorded in Vietnam, where the artists met each other, and dubbed in Cyprus.

CREDITS: All tracks writen by Chebeen Teriya / Lyrics/Vocals: Dramane Bakwan / Mixing & Mastering by Antreas Kassos at Tumbana Studio / Label: Dubophonic Records

Chebeen Teriya meets Sub Conscious Dub - Jeune Africain

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