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Messian Dread - Maranatha (Dub & Discomix)



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Messian Dread - Maranatha (Dub & Discomix)

Reggae,Roots Reggae,Dub

Introducing Messian Dread, a versatile personality from the Netherlands: Producer, singer, player of instruments, writer, reviewer, selector, and editor/webmaster of, perhaps the longest running platform/netlabel, that promotes Dub Reggae and Consciousness" since 1997, where many artists have contributed to throughout the decades.

Maranatha was originally released in 2007 as a free download and we are proud to present you a (F)re(e)-issue of the track as an introduction to Messian Dread’s works and as an appetizer for the releases to follow. Tune starts with Dub and militant vibe and ends with the vocals. The track was definitely inspired by the so called riots which are really uprisings that were going on in 2006. Even more today.

Messian Dread - Maranatha (Dub & Discomix)

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