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Cadre of Men: Strutting



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Cadre of Men: Strutting

Techno, EDM, House Music

A Cadre Of Men Strutting is a song about a dystopian future. A future 100 years after a greedy pharmaceutical CEO unleashed a deadly and highly transmittable virus that destroyed over 90% of the world’s population in order to rake in obscene profits selling the antidote, an antidote that didn’t work. 100 years of struggle to keep the human race from extinction when two people cannot meet face to face without transmitting the deadly virus have passed. And yet, after all that, the bloody hunger for power of men is as strong as ever. #dystopian #dystopianfuture #deadlyvirus #EDM #housemusic #fullhazmatsuit #hazmatsuit #shuffle #shuffledance #cuttingshapes

Cadre of Men: Strutting

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