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Hello and welcome to my site. I am glad you are here!

Below you can find out a little more about me, my growing catalog of music, and my passion for supporting art in all its forms. I love art. I love the way it encourages expression of feeling and thought which are both unique and universal at the same time. I love how art becomes a mechanism of profound self expression for both the creator and the observer - allowing each to own it in their own ways.

My Music

My music is generally considered as a mix of New Age, Ambient, Cinematic, Chillout/Chillstep, and Trance, with elements of Pop and Rock occasionally sprinkled in. It has been described as an otherworldly experience, blending uplifting energy with vast soundscapes and cinematic progressions. For me, the goal is to be able to fully immerse oneself into the feelings and thoughts generated by the music.  To achieve this, each sound is meticulously crafted and blended into the whole so as to enrich the listening experience and mood rather than demand your attention.  I cultivate a unique dynamic tension in my music between the simplistic and the complex - as slow moving but highly active and layered patterns seem to shift and blend seamlessly and coalesce into a crafted whole.  This yin/yang dynamic creates an active ambience that teases the ears, calms the soul, and activates the creative mind.  Its designed to fully envelop and engage the listener on a journey within the mind and heart as it takes you to new realms of imaginative adventures.  It’s an experience that you will want to come back to again and again.

Short Biography

Born in Alaska and raised in Seattle I have been writing my own unique style of music for over 30 years. I studied Audio Engineering and Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Seattle in the late 90's and was active in the Seattle music scene for a time - recording and producing a handful of local bands. After nearly two decades of sporadic creativity on my own music, I discovered a newfound musical freedom and focus in 2018, and began writing my debut album "Unbound" which released in December later that year.  Shortly after, in March of 2019 with the help of Italian label Ox-zone Records, I released two EP’s titled "Phazeshift" and "Horizons", which were subsequently included in over 6 Various Artist compilations.

Still experiencing a personal musical renaissance and actively writing new material, I released my second full-length album "Interconnected” in August 2019. A collection of songs dedicated to the theme that everyone and everything is connected in both big and small ways, and that every action we take can have ripples far beyond what we envision. 

I then spent the next 6 months crafting my next album "Portals".  I wanted this to be a more musically dynamic and organic feeling album that heavily featured piano, vocals, and choir elements and relied much less on drum and beat driven structures in favor of more natural and organic progressions.  Working closely with Heart Dance Records on this release, we put out 2 Singles and released the full album in late May 2020. 


Ben's early musical influences include Enigma, Tangerine Dream, Orbital, Pink Floyd, U2, Peter Gabriel, Deep Forest and Enya. Later influences include Ryan Farish, Nigel Stanford, Ulrich Schnauss, Suduaya, Bluetech, and many others.

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