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"Portals" is about the journeys we take within that end up defining who we are and who we want to be in this universe. Each song explores a particular aspect of love and loss and the natural yin/yang dynamic within.  The opening track Colors of the Rain sets the tone for the album with the use of water, piano, and choir elements, and these appear throughout every song. I purposefully used much less drum and beat driven structures in favor of more subtle and organic progressions within the songs - shifting and highlighting the underlying patterns as a way to tell a story instead.  My goal was to create a sonic experience full of magic and love that inspired the listener with each new song - keeping the whole album upbeat and engaging while still exploring some heavy emotional subjects such as loss, loneliness, perceptions, and inner turmoil. 

I worked closely with Heart Dance Records on this album and got to know some amazing people there in the process. While I designed the main albums cover art, the artwork for the singles (shown above) were designed by Eleon, and the final album was mastered by Cass Anawaty.  We released the two Singles over a months time and released the full album in late May 2020. 

Much of the choir sounds in this album are from Eric Whatacre's Choir and the piano is from the wonderfully expressive Noire.  I was also incredibly fortunate and grateful to have my amazing wife provide vocals on the song Deep Currents.

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