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The Debut album from Ben Blackett, released December 2018. This is a journey in motion, time and space - Unbounded by reality.

Track 1: Winter Nights Journey:
Gazing at a night sky awash in colors of greens, purples and reds. A loved one close by to share it with and to keep warm next to. This is a Winter Nights Journey to remember and cherish forever.

Track 2: Journey to Future Planets
As we Journey amongst the stars upon our ships and our technology, what new worlds await us? The Future is out there... lets go explore it together!

Track 3: Neon Dreams
Vibrant Neon colors pulsing and vibrating and dancing with power and grandeur, yet somehow still immaterial and temporal. Like Dreams, heavy with intent but slowly fades as reality begins to assert itself again.

Track 4: Solar Winds
Winds of light, ebbing and flowing in tides and waves, each eventually cresting upon new undiscovered celestial bodies, imprinting its energy and power onto them for all eternity. Solar Winds... like water upon rock.

Track 5: Essence Infusion
A moment of perfect clarity, distilled and refined to its very Essence. Somehow Infused into your being and consciousness as if time stops and all that's left is...

Track 6: Mystic Lights
The unexplainable feeling of energy and magic pulsing and moving all around you. Mysterious and otherworldly. Like Mystical Lights showing you worlds you never dreamed of before.

Track 7: Zen Energy
That feeling you get when all is right in the world - that sudden burst of energy that only comes with being in a perfect moment of Zen. 


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