Szczeciński Zespół Dupa

Szczeciński Zespół Dupa

Szczeciński Zespół Dupa (The Szczecin Asshole Ensemble) was founded in the summer of 1995, initially as a one-off project. The band was formed then: Gregor - guitar, Piotrek - bass, Lepu - drums and Gurcin - vocals. After the recording of the album „Przykra Ciemieniucha"; in July 1995 the band ceased to exist. The album was released in limited edition in a cassette format.
20 years have passed and 2 old tracks: „Tam gdzie istnieje” and „Drzewo”; came back in the form of covers performed during concerts in 2015 and 2016 by Restless Astronaut, where Gregor and Lepu played. It was then that the idea to reactivate the SZD project slowly began to emerge. The whole album was rearranged and recorded again in December 2018, to make their debut in all streaming services and in the form of several video clips on YouTube a year later.
We decided to continue this musical adventure and in 2020 further EPs and singles saw the light of day. 2021 brought the single "Strata" in February and the EP "MaMo to Pinokio" in May. We're working on more material. Stay tuned!



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