Shane Allen Dunn

Shane Allen Dunn

I have been creating music since 1998 and i released my first album way back in 2004. At that time i was going by the abbreviation of P.K.A (Psycho Killers Anonymous). In 2010 I dropped the abbreviation and started using the name Personal:Killing:Agenda to release music. I have released many albums in many different genres, since that time and it was a fun ride.

I decided that in 2019 i would start using my real name to release music. All music created for Personal:Killing:Agenda made between 2017-2019 will be pulled and gradually released under my personal name along with brand new music as well.

I am heavily Influenced by horror, movie soundtracks, dark atmospheric music, and any kind of horror related music. All of My music is instrumental and would fit nicely into horror movies or horror based video games.
I look forward to making more music and releasing it upon the world, and i hope you all enjoy it..



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