Have A Cigar


You Appear on These Playlists

  • QuaranStream Soundtracks

    Tracks with Movie/TV Soundtrack Vibes.

  • QuaranStream Tranquility

    Indie & Mainstream Peaceful tracks for the Holiday season.

  • Synthfinity One: Ambient

    Ambient music by indie artists. Take as needed to unwind or to inspire.

  • The Curtain of Night

    Dark and atmospheric ambient and electronic music with horror vibes and cinematic soundscapes.

  • Electro Waves

    A fresh blend of electro waves!

  • Indie For The Masses

    A selection of multi-genre independent artists from all over the web.

  • QuaranStream Classical

    Original New Classical Compositions plus Performances of Master works.

  • QuaranStream Atmospheric/Ambient

    Atmospheric Instrumentals, Downtempo, Piano, Acoustic Guitar.

  • Night Music

    Relaxing musics to fall asleep, and lullabies.

  • QuaranStream Ambient/Chill Vol.2

    Tracks that encourage a sense of calm and contemplation.

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