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Whitney Tai - Artist Review

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Los-Angeles based Whitney Tai is a singer-songwriter whose music blends pop, rock and electronica. Even though Whitney’s music is technically pop in that it has verses and choruses, it sounds nothing like the bubblegum Top 40 music you hear on the radio. It’s more like the lush, electro-fusion sounds of Moby and Massive Attack. Whitney’s deep, ethereal and silky voice fits perfectly with the cinematic instrumentation and sound design of her backing tracks. Each of her songs sounds like a full movie, and maybe that’s because she lives near Hollywood.

Within Whitney’s distinctive sound, she introduces a diversity of styles. For example, “Meet Me on Melrose”, with its guitar and live drum feel, has hints of rock. However, “Electrified”, with its choice of synths and electronic instruments, is more reminiscent of New Wave.

My favorite songs in Whitney’s catalog are “Scolded” and “Starfish”. I love “Scolded” because of its dramatic chorus, lush strings and epic vocal harmonies. I love “Starfish” for its clever lyrics. In one part of the song, Whitney references writing a real-life story with her partner: “I guess I like the twisted plot we’ve created”. Plus, I’ve never heard a singer compare her lover and herself to starfish. Bonus points for that one.

Whitney Tai is an artist whose complex and imaginative world is definitely worth exploring!

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Oct 19, 2020

You did an amazing review Anna.


Shane Larmand
Shane Larmand
Oct 05, 2020

Sweet review, Anna! I will definitely have to check this artist out! :)

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