Angie Kuske


I'm a singer-songwriter and have been told I have a unique style! I write power pop songs with big productions that get your foot tapping! They're all created in Garageband and mixed in Adobe Audition. My songs have catchy melodies and lyrics that mean something.

Your Songs

  • Tomorrow Is Christmas Day

    Tomorrow Is Christmas Day

    Christmas, holiday

  • I Never Stopped Loving You

    I Never Stopped Loving You


You Appear on These Playlists

  • Relax Ambient Lounge  Chill

    Some of my favourite ambient and instrumental tracks by indie and established artists to relax. Photo by Vitaly Rubtsov on Unsplash.

  • QuaranStream Female Voices to Wrecken With Vol.1

    Tracks featuring stellar Vocals by Women.

  • Home & Highways

    This playlist consist of country, folk, Americana and rock artists. It's updated regularly and enjoyed by many.

  • QuaranStream Female Voices to Wrecken With Vol.2

    Mixtape of Incredible Female Vocalists

  • The Week Ahead

    The Week Ahead..
    A Multi Genre Playlist, featuring Artist's From Around the World..

  • New Artists for New Ages

    Playlist with all generes of music, new artists, new the new generation.

  • Indie Songs Beyond The Spotlight

    There are so many songs out there that need to be heard. Especially if the spotlight hasn't caught them yet. Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Acoustic, Chanson, Rock, World. NO SYNTH, NO HIP-HOP, NO RAP. This is a playlist which is updated regularly. Some artists come, some go. Photo by Skitterphoto on Pixabay.

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