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Bud Elkin

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Bud Elkin

Bud Elkin

The latest group of eight songs, "March 2022", are a compilation of rock, adult contemporary, Americana, pop rock, and reggae. I wanted to explore different styles.

The following is some of his bio info:
Bud grew up playing Blues, country, country rock, and rock and roll. His writing consists of love songs, blues riffs, and rock with positive themes.

Founded by Bud Elkin, the band’s gravel voiced lead singer and songwriter, makes Florida his home base.

In the 70’s and early 80’s Bud Elkin produced and did radio airplay for an Indie label Warning Records.
Bud grew up playing Blues, country, country rock, and rock and roll. His writing consists of love songs, reggae, blues, and rock with positive themes.
bud elkin

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Bud Elkin & Company recorded thee CD Albums. “Sand In My Shoes”, “Got The Blues”, and "Rock America". “Sand In My Shoes” has so far sold 5034 CD’s, and many more single releases of several songs on the CD.  “Beach on Monday” is a song that describes the life of an avid beach goer who makes a career out of beach observations.

Our "Cocaine" tune has done well with the EDM genre as well as our pop, and alternative genre.

“Got The Blues”, CD, is a compilation of Blues/Blues Rock tunes. A promoter in Chicago thought I should give writing some Blues songs a go. So, “Got The Blues” came along!

“ROCK AMERICA”, CD, consists of Rock n Roll tunes, and one orchestra oriented pop song, "TWO", which I wanted to write as a melodic acapella tune that gives the listener reflective insight into their human condition.

“Happy Holidays” is a fun sing-along Christmas song. Taya Gaines guest stars with her rendition of this spirited tune.

“Worn Out Shoes”, is a blues tune written by Bud Elkin about the typical blues many people face when one person in a relationship feels cheated by the other. Many times, it comes through infidelity, and other times it comes from boredom, but generally, it ends up with one or the other person packing up and leaving.

"Sunset Serenade" is a cascading love song that takes place on a beach. Two people contemplating the beauty around them, and the joy of being together even if for one night.

 “In America” is a compilation of American made endeavours that promote the pride we Americans have in our country. Base rock n roll drives this tune to completion.

 REVIEWS from various sources:
"Beach on Monday"
Its a catchy tune,in my opinion, great for listening while at the beach, summertime tune, relaxing drinking while watching the sites at the beach, great while watching a volleyball game, but, with those women in the video, it makes it hard to think of anything else. I watched it twice because of that.

it is very good and i love to listen it . the instrument is good and also the lyrics is fine.the quality also makes sense

"Worn Out Shoes"
“Solid electric guitar, with a definite, obvious blues rhythm; and, the bass and drums add a blues beat... This track is definitely a blues song, and, even if you ain't got the blues, you're gonna feel this one in your bones... Especially with the haunting, strange lyrics - the female vocalists sounds a little metallic, but her voice and lyrics will definitely get you into the blues mood.”

“Another song with a awesome electric guitar vibe. It 's melody and rhythm are just out standing. I am sure this song will appeal to the adults and do quite well. It 's got a style to it that 's original and captivating. I like the rock style vocals with a little digitization to them. They are super on key sound great. Overall this song offers so much, it will do well. I like this, so will others.”

 “A grinding of guitar of the electric variety starts. A low rumble of more guitar and hitting of drums then sway. The notes fuse together in that bluesy rock way. The notes are twanging. The vocals are a collage of male and female. They merge to create an odd sound.

“A dramatic, punchy intro that gives a dynamic start to this song. The musical accompaniment has particularly impressive percussive themes that provide a slow, subdued, mysterious atmosphere for this song. The guitar playing has a rich variety of melody and really impresses. The artist has a distinctively raw expression that makes this vocal performance that makes this song a little different. Its lyrics are well-developed and engage throughout. Overall, this an enjoyable song that would sound great on the radio.”

 “I like the riff. However, your tone has way too many effects on it. It has so much reverb and distortion. It doesnt suit the blues groove you have going on at all. However, The singing is pretty good. It suits the groove. Maybe Cleaning up your solos will help too. There are a lot of dead notes. A good tone would be the woman tone by eric clapton for this kind of song. Good luck!!”

“recording sounds really RAW, I don't know if thats what you guys were going for but it might fit the character of the song and blues aspect of it. But a little sound engineering can go a long way. The vocals sound very powerful but I would suggest turning them down and fitting them into the mix a little better. Because right now they are distorting a lot and are very distracting. But you guys are playing together well and have a nice swing.”

 “Fair electric guitar with distortion and feedback leads into a blues rock score. It sounds like a live track. the vocal sound muffled and muted in the mix possibly due to poor recording quality. The guitar lead also sounds too muted. The whole track is need of better sound and production. The song is generic and predictable; the lyrics could be more interesting and engaging. The harmonica leads and fills are okay. A fair track.”

“The tune was pretty different as there was huge gaps in the middle and then the first tune becomes the second tune which is kinda cool i guess. I love that the vocals sound really classical and orignal. The instruments are very classical with just a few instruments like a guitar but suddenly, An electric guitar! which makes this song ten times better and awesome.”

"Sunset Serenade"

The song starts off very relaxing, reminiscent of a vacation somewhere most pleasant and possibly tropical. When the vocals come in, I'm immediately in love. There is obvious reverb which gives it a dreamy appeal, in my opinion. I very much like it. I would buy this track if presented with the possibility to do so.
At the beginning of this song I can hear a banjo being played along with a violin and a techno piano. When the vocals come in, I am amazed. I love the vocals in this song. They are so unique. The lyrics in this song are amazing and make lots of sense. Overall, I think this song is great and should be heard by many others.
I like way the melody starts and the tempo that is set. The vocal is interesting but I wish it had been more up front, since the mix makes it sound more like background. I love the instrumental work of this song and the overall sound.
The introduction is quite strange yet oddly catchy and allows the listener to be fascinated about what would be in the song. The vocals in this song are unique and the lyrics have a good story to them. This song is probably good for social occasions and maybe as a winding down song. Also a good song to listen to if you're driving through the desert.
This sounds a lot different to what I have been hearing on this site. The banjo playing sounds cool with the reverb on it, these guys have talent. I like the vocals mostly on this one; he has a unique voice. Fair play dudes 8/10

The beat is up going and the drums are nice. The song is about dancing. This song is okay. The lyrics are good.
The artist voice is very great and soothing I would say. He relates to the beat very well. I might purchase this song if I could.

The introduction reminds me of a 90's pop song. The vocalist's voice had a nice edge to it and fit with the tune perfectly. This song sounds beautiful.
I liked the little holiday jingle at the beginning of this song. It was relaxing to hear. It took awhile for the lyrics, but in this case, it was fine. Because you had a quality beat until then. Sounds like a holiday beat, and country lyrics. Great mixture of genres. I really like seeing a mixture of genres. I loved this song. Good job, because I rate 8/10.
Beautiful song, beautiful chorus, beautiful beat and a great song. I love this musician and I love this song. The musician executed this song perfectly and he doesn't miss a beat and I love it. I like how the chorus wasn't off pattern it just fit perfectly.
The synth and sound effects sound like a mental sound. Not the metal genre but like a hitting on metal sound. The intro of the song made it seem like it would be country. I didn't expect it to be like this. The chimes were pleasant to hear!
Banjo and a crazy sounding orchestra opens this eclectic cut up in a auteur pop sounding style. The singer favors gravel voiced singers like the Eels or even Kurt Cobain, but his music is near Beach Boys at their most odd. The beachy lyrical sentiments also tie in to this trope, and it’s an oddly effecting outsider rock song. Sunset serenade is very interesting and fun to hear.
I like how the song has a cool, 80s new wave style going on. The artist's vocals compliment the song excellent. The song sounds a little aged; it has an edginess and a fun underground element to the rhythm. The background music is very engaging and peeks my curiosity. It has a playful, hipster vibe and the overall performance is catchy.
This piece certainly is attention getting! I would recommend making the intro a little bit shorter, only because I was getting lost in the rhythms of the different sounds. Or, failing that, perhaps change some of the backing, like taking out the sleigh bells or make the main melody of the banjo(?) and make it a little more clear that it is your intent to set up for the song.
I feel the song and artist will make it in this business. the lyrics were beautiful and had good meaning behind them, I feel that the structure is ok but needs to be built on a little bit to make the song stand-alone a bit better.
The music has a light and refreshing music sequence it comes together with a variety that is lovely. As it goes...the music pattern draws you in. It’s the kind of vibe that gets you in....a relaxed mood. I found it to be very rewarding. The artist voice collaborates well with the music. Simple song that is nice for easy listening.
The instrumental uses very strange tones, tin and a bit electronic. But the vocals are throaty which would work better with more traditional guitar and drum bands. The melody feels too repetitive but I suspect if the instruments/vocals were different, it would be better. This melody would work better with a simple guitar accompaniment, like a casual performance at a pub.
This song is amazing. I was stunned to hear such an older tune to it. I love how the beginning adds more and more instrumental. Then when the artist sings I feel as if I'm in heaven he is right on key and has a great voice. Great song!
This song is very fun. It is different, unique and edgy. It puts me into a happy relaxed mood.
The instrumentation was unusual. Electronic but almost country. The guitar has a nice solo that is pleasing to hear. It has a banjo like sound. It has a nice melody to hear. The vocalist harmonizes well with the instruments. The drum beat is simple but keeps the music flowing. The lyrics are about relationships and love. It is pleasing sound combing the banjo into the song as it is rarely heard today.
A very well made song, with good vocals and complex instrumental, the singer has a voice that suits the song fairly well. The lyrics are nice and really tell a nice story. All in all, the song is good!
the track that starts to play has some Caribbean like drums at the intro and I think the way these sound is very nice. I think that this song is very good because it is old style. The rhythm is very good and the style of the song is pretty good. If you listen it is quite catchy and good to listen to.
The song in general sounds good. I would love to hear it on the radio. Keep up the good work I would love to hear more from you.
The beginning of the song sounded like it was going to be a goofy tune you would hear on the Dr. Demento show. The guy singing kind of sounds like David Bowie when he sings. Very country beginning with the banjo but its not something I hear often which makes it more enjoyable. Also, the chords it plays match very well. I do love the wind chime sounds in the beginning middle.
I like this song it has a fantastic beat which can be played over gaming and other content of videos. I feel like the person in this song is calm and I would go to the concert and be blow away for this reason I give it a 7/10.
The song starts with a contemporary pop-sounding riff, the instrument generating it is rather hard to identify. The song then blends into something that sounds like the soundtrack off of 'The Sims', at least until the vocalist comes in. Regardless, it has a very full sound; I can identify some sort of guitar, a bass guitar, percussion, wind chimes, and a strings synthesizer. The singer has a hoarse voice, similar to Kurt Cobain, but much more mellow. While it might not be the best, his voice certainly does mix well with the song. All in all, the song gets an eight. It has a catchy beat, witty lyrics, a nice singer, and a full ensemble lifting his voice with several instruments.
This was a very odd track from the beginning. It presented a very majestic cultural beat that you would expect to hear from a tropical island off the coast. The deep rhythm combined with essential lyrics shapes the song in its unique entirety. The song truly sets the mood as joyful with individual inspiration all over it. I think that this is a great romantic track with an offshore style.
Creative percussions seductively begin then continue through this song. The string instruments and the personable vocalist are just as hypnotic. Though mid-tempo and not a dance song, dancing by the sunset is what it interestingly partially concerns. This tantalizing and alluring song should make all listeners very happy.
Love the bluegrass sound at the beginning. There is a lot going on in this introduction but not enough to get lost in the music. Great energy! Sounds like beach or luau music. The music overshadows the lyrics throughout the song. Has a good commercial sound as feel good dance music. "Laughing while we dance" and "we dance all night in the sand" are perfect lyrics to describe the feeling this song gives.
I like the beginning it really sounds cool. I am however confused at what direction or genre the song is going until the lead sings. The lyrics are like a love ballad and needs to be more of rock song. This needs to be a rock song.
Great variety of instruments and sound. The tone in the voice slices through the music giving it a static like sound. Overall it has a great concept due to word choice and sound.
I like the melody and how the beat sounds like a pre k song. It sounds so happy the guys voice is perfect for the beat and song. I like the instruments used in this song and the song is great of the beat.
This song is very wild and cool at the same time! I think the tuneful and rich melody makes this song sound even more professional! I would say the performance is more than just competent! The guy sounds very compelling and his talent is seen from miles away! I like how good his lyrics warm your heart and leave you breathless! I liked it more than anything!
Odd music sounds combined in this one. The intro is nice length and somehow the odd choice of music blends and goes good together. This melody is kind of bubbly and fun sounding which is nice. I think his voice is good, it’s a little gravelly at times bit he pulls it off and does well. He's on tune and there is no lagging. I like this melody and the lyrics are happy. Good song.
The track has some good music behind it. The drums play nicely along with the guitar. The artist has a fluid sound to his voice and delivers his vocals in tune to the beat. The track is a feel good piece.

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