Static Autumn Sunset


My name is Adam and I've been making music for roughly twenty years. Influenced by many electronic artists through the last few decades. Artists such as Tangerine Dream, Mike Oldfield, Vangelis, Enya, Astral Fogg, Ambientsketchbook, Darshan Ambient, David Helpling, Jon Jenkins, Steve Roach and Sinoptik Music are just some of the major influences that define my drive and desire to create my own music. With my music you may find various styles of electronic music. Ambient, chillout, atmospheric, synthwave and the genre's that fall in between. Striving for emotional and inspirational reactions is always the goal. I am also trying my hand at writing and have self-published a book through Amazon. At the end of the day, I am a seeker of truth and depth and continually looking to connect with like minded individuals who dream of a better humanity.

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